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Power, Privilege and Group Identifications in the Consulting Room

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Our seminars explore Relational theories and practice, and will be relevant to both experienced clinicians and those beginning to learn about psychoanalytic ideas.

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Malin Fors Seminar Part 2

Location : Participation available via Zoom Teleconferencing
Date: Saturday 16 March 2024, 09:00am - 11:00am
Contact :

Please Note: To preserve and respect both intellectual property rights and confidentiality, the seminar will not be recorded, nor is recording permitted.


Malin Fors

Malin Fors Seminar
Power issues in psychotherapy Part 2

The Dynamics of Power and Privilege in Psychotherapy.

This is Part 2 of a two part seminar series. While attending Part 1 is helpful, it is not essential. CLICK HERE for information on Part 1 of this seminar series.

Seminar Description:

This two-part seminar series addresses disparities in social privilege and their practical implications for psychotherapists. In the first meeting, Dr. Fors will discuss core themes of her book, A Grammar of Power in Psychotherapy (APA Books), and her upcoming book, tentatively titled 'Working with Interpersonal Power Dynamics in Psychotherapy' (Guilford Press). In the second seminar, she will present case material from her Master Clinician APA therapy training video, ”The Dynamics of Power and Privilege in Psychotherapy.” to be analyzed and discussed with the audience.

Power issues in psychotherapy Part 1- Working with interpersonal power dynamics in psychotherapy

In the second seminar, participants will watch and discuss a APA therapy training film: ”The Dynamics of Power and Privilege in Psychotherapy.” In this video of her work with a real patient, Malin Fors demonstrates how to address social power issues that may surface in therapy. The case involves a woman experiencing sexist harassment at a male-dominated workplace in which women are rare. The video addresses topics such as internalized oppression and resistance and explores technical therapeutic choices such as self-disclosure, politically oriented interpretations, choice of focus on internal versus external worlds, heterogeneity of oppression, shame, self-care versus blaming the victim, and addressing self-defeating symptoms. Dr. Fors will explore a matrix of relative privilege that includes the four core patient–therapist dynamics mentioned in the description of the first seminar, focusing on technical implications for these different dynamics. The seminar will invite in-depth audience participation and address cultural diversity in an intersectional manner. The second seminar will build upon the first, but is also possible to attend independently. 

About the Speaker:

Malin Fors is a psychologist and psychoanalyst residing in Hammerfest, Norway - the world's northernmost town. Dr. Fors has served at the local psychiatric outpatient clinic and in private practice for 16 years. She is Adjunct Associate Professor at University of Technology Sydney and Associate Professor at the Arctic University of Norway. She has been a guest lecturer in psychology for numerous universities in Scandinavia and teaches medical students about cultural sensitivity and power issues. She is the author of A Grammar of Power in Psychotherapy (APA Boos, 2018), recently translated into Swedish, for which she won the Johanna Tabin Award from the Society for Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychology. She has appeared in a Master Clinician DVD in the APA Psychotherapy Series.

To work with her upcoming book “Working with Interpersonal Power Dynamics in Psychotherapy” Dr. Fors was an Erikson Scholar at the Austen Riggs Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, in 2020. She received the Research Award for Finnmark Hospital Trust, Norway, in 2021, and was awarded the Psychotherapy Literature Stipend by the Stockholm Academy for Psychotherapy Education (SAPU) in 2022.

Dr. Fors currently serves on the Board for Psychotherapy Institute Oslo where she is also a teaching and supervising faculty member.

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